• What does the application process look like?

    Applications open at 8:00 on October 2nd 2018 and close at 23:59 on January 31st 2019 in PT. The program will host informational sessions in Tokyo, SF, LA, Boston, NYC, Chicago and London. It should take applicants anywhere between 1-2 hours to prepare their application and submit a video.

  • How are the teams selected?

    Based on the application answers and product demo video provided in the application, the most promising teams will go through a series of interviews with the SPORTS TECH TOKYO committee until the final teams are selected for the program.

  • How many teams will be selected?

    We expect to select 100 – 150 participants to be invited to exclusive program events. From that, 10 -20 finalists will be chosen to join the 3 month mentorship program.

  • When will you announce the teams? When will teams be notified of acceptance?

    Notification is rolling basis. Teams will receive notification of acceptance into the program by the end of February. Finalists will be notified by the end of April. Please note that acceptance into the program does not guarantee a business deal.

  • When and where is the program?

    The program will have a kickoff event in Tokyo where all participating teams are invited. Thereafter, there will be multiple exclusive networking events in both Tokyo and the U.S. as well as webinars.
    The program for selected finalists will be held virtually over 3 months.

  • What are the benefits of the program for selected teams?

    Participants will have the opportunity to connect with mentors, investors, and corporations in the sports tech industry, as well as be invited to exclusive events. And if selected as a finalist, participants have the opportunity to join the 3 month mentorship program. This is an opportunity to learn from and connect with business professionals in the sports industry, world class mentors, investors, and corporations. Finalists may have an opportunity to receive funding from mentors, investors, and corporations that are part of the SPORTS TECH TOKYO program.

  • What is the time commitment to participate?

    Participants will be invited to exclusive events and webinars, with no specific time commitment required. Those selected as a finalist should expect 2-3 hours of weekly programming for a 3 month period, plus several weeks of in person activities in both SF and Japan.

  • If I have a big team (such as a late-stage startup), who should participate in the program?

    Participation in the program is on a team/company basis, but for specific meetings and activities it may make sense to limit participation to relevant members of the team.

  • What is expected for the teams during the program? What are the teams expected to show during the Demo Day?

    Participants are expected to attend exclusive conferences and online activity to make the most of being a participant of SPORTS TECH TOKYO. Finalists will be expected to prepare an on-stage pitch for investors as part of demo day.

  • How are mentors involved?

    Most mentors will participate by meeting with teams to help them on their pitches, while others will participate by providing a talk or workshop.

  • Who are the mentors?

    Mentors are comprised of founders, industry professionals, and investors.

  • How is the advisory board involved?

    Participants and finalists will have an opportunity to pitch to an advisory board, and an advisory board may consider collaborating with and testing the products and services of participants and finalists. The advisory board may help startups accelerate their businesses.

  • Who is the advisory board?

    The sports advisory board will include business professionals in the sports industry including sports associations, athletes, and sports media.

  • When is the World Demo Day? Who will be at the World Demo Day?

    World Demo Day will be in August 2019. World-class investors from around the world will be there.

  • Does this program offer funding?

    This program does not offer funding. However participants and finalists may have an opportunity to receive funding from those who join SPORTS TECH TOKYO (such as sponsors, partners and investors.)

  • What does it cost to join the program?

    There is no cost to the program.

  • Does the program cover travel cost for participants/finalists.


  • How is IP handled during the program?

    IP of a business plan, service and product an applicant develops during the program remains with the applicant.