SPORTS TECH TOKYO Announces First 14 Companies Accepted into the Program

We are excited to announce the first 14 companies that have been accepted into SPORTS TECH TOKYO.
(Alphabetical order)

※These 14 companies are accepted as participants of which there will be a total of 100-150. From the participant group, 10-20 companies will become finalists.

Applications are still open and will be closing at 23:59 January 31st, 2019 in PST.

■ ActionStreamer(Cincinnati, United States)

■ Baseline Vision(Tel Aviv, Israel)

■ D-ID(Tel Aviv, Israel)

■ Halo Neuroscience (San Francisco, United States)

■ Jebbit (Boston, United States)

■ Nix Biosensors (Boston, United States)

■ MaxOne (Grand Rapids, United States)

■ ookami (Tokyo, Japan)

■ Ticketstreet (Tokyo, Japan)

■ Paranoid Fan (Dallas, United States)

■ Pico (Haifa, Israel)

■ Prevent Biometrics (Minneapolis, United States)

■ Spalk (Auckland, New Zealand)

■ Waittime (Detroit, United States)

Applications are now open until January 31, 2019:

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