SPORTS TECH TOKYO Announces 36 Additional Companies Accepted into the Program

We are excited to announce 36 additional companies that have been accepted into SPORTS TECH TOKYO. With the previous 14 companies announced on January 8th, this brings the total to 50 companies. The program expects a final count of 100 to 150 companies to be accepted as participants by the time the application process closes.

※ Note from the participating company list, only 10-20 companies will become finalists.

Applications will close at 23:59 on January 31st, 2019 PST.

(Below, companies are listed in alphabetical order by category) ————————-

<Athlete Performance>
■ Drivn Coaching Platform (Boston, United States)

■ KINDUCT Technologies (Halifax, Canada)

■ Kitman Labs (Palo Alto, United States)

■ Omegawave OY (Espoo, Finland)

■ PlayerMaker (London, United Kingdom)

■ Vision Pursue (Chicago, United States)

■ Zone7 (Tel Aviv, Israel)

<Stadium Experience>
■ IdealSeat (Seattle, United States)

■ Maestro Interactive (Culver city, United States)

■ Miro AI (Hong Kong, China)

■ Motionloft (San Francisco, United States)

■ MVP Interactive (Philadelphia, United States)

■ Partake (Dallas, United States)

■ Snaptivity (London, United Kingdom)

<Fan Engagement>
■ Alive5 (Houston, United States)

■ BCaster USA (Palo Alto, United States)

■ DataPOWA (London, United Kingdom)

■ Influencer(INFLCR) (Birmingham, United States)

■ InSoundz (Tel Aviv, Israel)

■ Lea (Live Event Assistant) (San Francisco, United States)

■ Locomizer (London, United Kingdom)

■ Matcherino (Seattle, United States)

■ Mimic XR (London, United Kingdom)

■ Monsterful (New York City, United States)

■ OpenSponsorship (New York City, United States)

■ Pixellot (Tel Aviv, Israel)

■ Play Impossible Corp (Seattle, United States)

■ Esports Technologies (Toronto, Canada)

■ (Luxembourg, Luxembourg)

■ SportsCastr (New York City, United States)

■ SportsMe (Boston, United States)

■ The Relish Media Group (San Francisco, United States)

■ Thuuz Sports (Palo Alto, United States)

■ WePlayed (Boston, United States)

■ WHAM Network (Los Angeles, United States)

■ WSC Sports Technologies (Tel Aviv, Israel)

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